I'm becky, a.k.a. bee. :)

I'm a full-time Floral Designer for weddings & events in the Niagara Region, a passionate Flower-Crown-Maker and (practically) professional Day-Dreamer.

With over 10 years of industry experience in the above (excluding day-dreaming - but you could just take my word for that), and globally recognised qualifications in Floral Design, I've made it my life's mission to leave a pretty, playful mark on a world that can sometimes feel a little gloomy...


Originally from the southern countryside of England, I now reside in Niagara, Canada with a man who is much too adventurous for me: www.jaster.co

He likes: walks on the beach, singing loudly in the car, long-boarding, smoothie-making and feeding Chester (our house rabbit) too many carrots.

I like: breakfast outside, the smell of clean washing, rainy days, messy hair, freckles and accidental puns.


If you think we'd be friends, or if you wish to make an inquiry about anything you find on here: just let me know.

Or if you've got a question about anything flower crown related, hopefully I'll be able to help right here :) .


Lastly, feel free to Insta-stalk me here, for a little sneak peak into our day-to-day lives!


Thank you so much for stopping by :) . You are very welcome here, and I hope you'll leave feeling uplifted by the prettiness you'll see!