Post No. 1 - Who am I?


I'm becky. Some of my friends call me bee, but I wish they all did- 'bee' is so cute! (And so are little 'b's', which is why I tend to avoid capital ones).

I was wondering how I'd ever tell you about who I am or where I've come from…  And by wondering, I mean re-writing this paragraph 102* times trying to make sure that I'm coming across as witty, yet cute, yet clever enough.

(It wasn't working out so well). 


So instead, I'm just going to tell you that the simple, cute, nice things in life are my FAVOURITE things. 



or freckles,

or magnolia trees,

or the cold sides of pillows,

or the sound of popping bubble wrap, 

or getting a brand new toothbrush,

or a clean white sheet of paper,

or doing a big sneeze,

or crackly fires,


or, using so much fabric conditioner in the washing machine that your clothes then smell like SPRING itself. 


So, with these things in mind, I've decided to keep Sweet bee prints super simple- and not JUST because that alliteration is lovely, but because I just really like 'simple'. It's the simple, beautiful things in life that make me feel the most alive.


Super simple sweet bee.